Screen Grabs: Verizon Hub tells of Serena's galavanting

Darren Murph
D. Murph|03.31.09

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Screen Grabs: Verizon Hub tells of Serena's galavanting
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We didn't happen to spot Nelly's shiny new BlackBerry Storm on last night's Gossip Girl, but we did see that cast-wide Verizon contract rubbed in our faces again. Verizon's newest non-cellphone (that'd be the Hub) made a brief appearance at the tail end of the episode to inform Lily van der Woodsen that her dearest Serena had reverted to her old carefree ways and hopped a private jet to Spain. Hope she took a worldphone over there, else making that "I'm here!" call is going to be just a wee bit difficult in GSM world.

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