Windows Marketplace for Mobile, now in super-cheesy video form

Nilay Patel
N. Patel|03.31.09

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Windows Marketplace for Mobile, now in super-cheesy video form

Look, we're certain Microsoft's Windows Marketplace for Mobile will be a rousing success, with loads of developers set to announce apps this week at CTIA and interesting features like full-refund returns and apps certified to run on specific devices. And we'd be totally excited to point out that this teaser video shows off the interface in action, including a charmingly illiterate app review and carrier-specific stores. But honestly, here's a better question: if Microsoft is really serious about how cool is it is to be not-cool-enough, is a totally mediocre teaser with a relentlessly corporate electrorock soundtrack and hyperactive informercial narration really the best way to sell this thing? Discuss. Video after the break.

[Via 1800PocketPC; thanks Saijo]

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