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TomTom intros ONE 140 and XL 340 series, ships GO 740 LIVE

TomTom decided to bust out a pair of announcements this morning, so we won't waste any time getting right to the crux of it. That splendiferous GO 740 LIVE, which was introduced at CES this January, is finally shipping in the US of A. If you'll recall, this is TomTom's first connected navigation system, which can download real-time traffic information, fuel prices, weather reports, etc. If you're intrigued, you can snag one now with three months of LIVE Services for $399.95. Moving on, we've got four new systems entirely: the ONE 140 / ONE 140s (3.5-inch display; 140S announces spoken street and place names) and the XL 340 / XL 340s (4.3-inch display; 340S includes speech functions). Each of these include the company's IQ Routes technology and Advanced Lane Guidance, features that were previously reserved for higher-end PNDs; furthermore, the new crew also includes maps of Mexico. Catch 'em all this month for $179.95, $199.95, $229.95 and $249.95 in order of mention.

[Via GPSReview]

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