WSJ: Android being considered for HP netbook, Dell MID and smartphone

Sure, we've already seen Android pop up on the HP 2133 Mini-Note thanks to some intrepid DIYers, but now comes word from The Wall Street Journal that HP's got programmers looking into using the Google OS officially for an upcoming netbook. VP of the PC division Satjiv Chahil's quoted as saying they're in the process of assessing its capabilities, so don't get your hopes up anytime soon. Also mentioned is Asus, which we already knew about from back in February. Interestingly, the report states that Dell's been tweaking the software for use in multiple devices due out this year, including a MID and one of those long-rumored smartphones -- that is, assuming they make one that can tickle the carrier's fancy.

Update: HP confirms that it is testing Android but "has made no decision yet whether to offer Android in products."

[Via Unwired View]