AT&T, Verizon looking to join e-book reader market?

Ross Miller
R. Miller|04.02.09

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AT&T, Verizon looking to join e-book reader market?
As far as business relationships go, Amazon and Sprint's Kindle lovechild has proven to be a fruitful endeavor. So it's with little surprise that other manufacturers have been seeking out that same feeling of carrier companionship. According to Verizon Wireless VP of open development Tony Lewis, there are five e-book readers in the works from various companies that are looking to be certified for use on the network, possibly in the same way Kindle uses its connectivity to download books on the fly. While he wouldn't provide any names, he did hint they were looking at segments of the market Kindle isn't currently catering to, such as college textbooks. We've also got word that AT&T's looking to hop on the bandwagon, with head of emerging devices Glenn Lurie chiming in that they want to be a part of that market. If that Whispernet connectivity is the feature that's been tempting you to go Kindle, looks like you'll have a few more options on the horizon, if you're patient.

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