Motorola Evoke QA4 hands-on with video

When you look at the Motorola Evoke QA4, the last thought that springs to mind is RAZR, and that's such a good thing. Let's face it, long live the RAZR, but its time is past, though, we're over the moon to see Moto step up with a piece of hardware that's made us genuinely happy excited about Moto (well, Aura aside) in a long while. While it is an EVDO handset, and our travel often makes us lean toward distinctly more GSM-flavored devices, we're throwing it all to wind and will be rushing to get our hands on one. The layout in-hand is frickin' ideal, the material choices, finish, and style are just so well executed that we found ourselves fairly stunned when we first got out mitts on it. The capacitive screen works extremely well for flipping through apps, surfing, messaging, and the keyboards (both landscape and portrait are here) work very well. Honestly, what's not to like? Motorola's new slider is without a doubt going to be a winner when it lands. Here's hoping we hear where and for how much soon, but in the interim feel free to check the gallery and absorb some of the video goodness that is the Evoke in action.