NavTrac's RTV10 PND does GPS tracking, two-way messaging

Can't say we've ever heard of NavTrac, but we are digging the differentiation seen in its RTV10 portable navigation device. Hosted up by LiveViewGPS, this unique navigator not only provides the usual turn-by-turn guidance to get you from point A to point Z, but it also includes a GPS tracking function (for fleet managers and suspicious parents) as well as two-way messaging functionality. While it's not truly a "connected GPS," this one does provide more communication with the outside world than most, and if you're curious of the specs, it features a 4.3-inch 480 x 272 touchscreen, built-in speaker, 4GB of internal flash memory, 64MB of DRAM, a SiRF Atlas III GPS module and a rechargeable Li-ion. Sadly, this no-namer won't run you cheap, as the unit itself rings up at $599 while the subscription to the aforementioned communication services will knock you back another $39.95 per month. Full release is after the break.


Valencia, CA April 2, 2009 – LiveViewGPS has released NavTrac RTV10, a revolutionary device that combines powerful GPS navigation with critical tracking and communications tools. NavTrac RTV10 looks like a standard GPS on-dash system, but it provides a host of innovative functions that transcend conventional GPS devices and make it essential for a wide range of businesses.

In addition to robust navigation features such as turn-by-turn directions and detailed map views, NavTrac RTV10 enables live device tracking so that owners can track the device from a simple web site interface. With this functionality, fleet managers for small and large companies alike can account for all vehicle locations at any time, from anywhere in the world. Moreover, NavTrac RTV10 also offers two-way messaging. As a result, managers can use the web interface to communicate with drivers regardless of the vehicle's location.

"The benefits of NavTrac RTV10 are extensive and powerful," notes George Karonis, LiveViewGPS' CEO. "Now, businesses can know exactly where their vehicles are and can immediately send their drivers messages and receive communications back. The potential here is limitless – NavTrac RTV10 addresses everything from security for missing or stolen vehicles to instant communication to help lost drivers to simplified central management for constantly changing delivery routes," he added.

NavTrac RTV10 will be available for purchase starting April 1, 2009 at

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