Nintendo DSi unboxing and hands-on!

Now this is a pleasant surprise. We expected to get our hands on a DSi, just not today. Like the baby in a carriage of fictions-past, the little bundle of gadget joy arrived on our doorstep this morning. Regardless, Nintendo has outdone themselves on presentation this time around, seating the console in a large box that emits a sample of cheers and shines bright lights on you when you pop the lid. Seriously. Other than that, the DSi is about what we expected -- slimmer, sleeker, lighter... generally a lot more DS-y. We ran into a few issues off the bat, like the fact that it can connect to our network, but not to Nintendo servers (this is an issue addressed in the manual -- it makes no sense to us), and we found the menus to be slightly unwieldy to navigate through, but mostly we're as excited as school children on X-mas morning. Take a look at the vast gallery below to see what's what, and stay tuned for a more in-depth look at the DSi.