Panasonic adds native iPod dock to D-Docks, drinks the Kool-Aid

Sony gave up on ATRAC (outside of Japan anyway) and to being an iPod accessory shill long, long ago. But Panasonic, through its own inertia or arrogance has persevered with its D-SNAP and D-DOCK rigs long after its market share was doomed. After all, there's no need for Panasonic to continue pushing the SD card, they've won. Still, it does a Japanese heart good to know that it can now coax its fleshy keeper into buying a D-Dock with a native iPod dock connector and sliding panel that reveals a preference for 90's- or noughts-era music media. SD and SDHC card too, of course, this is Panasonic.

[Via Akihabara News]