BenQ's Qisda QPD-111 Creative Design Center MID wins design awards, doesn't exist yet

Not that we have anything against products that don't exist, but it would seem to us convenient to have something to show on the other end of a couple design awards. BenQ's Qisda QPD-111 just won a red dot and iF award, but BenQ doesn't seem quite ready to show it off to the world. The MID sports a 5-inch screen, and is "designed for highly mobile people pursuing the best Internet experience while on the go." That fancy little red "Hot Key" sends you to the world wide internet with a single press, and the device can handle multitouch pinch-to-zoom and other gestures for browsing. There's also a built-in accelerometer, which lets you switch between communication and Internet functions with a little shake of your precious, imaginary MID. There's obviously no information on price or availability at this point -- we're not even sure what OS it's running -- but it's certainly a sexy and almost potentially usable entrant into the confounding and primarily useless MID market.

[Via SlashGear]