Kyocera G2GO and Laylo hands-on

To Americans, the full-QWERTY G2GO will end up being known better as the X-tc on Virgin Mobile when it launches next week; the Laylo numeric slider hasn't been announced for launch on any carrier just yet, but Kyocera assured us that they're in talks to bring it to market (likely also with Virgin Mobile, if we had to muster a guess). Neither device is going to blow anyone away with sheer, unadulterated functionality or beauty, but they make perfect sense for Virgin's value-conscious audience, and the G2GO / X-tc might be Virgin's best-looking QWERTY device to date. We struggled a bit with the Laylo's send and end keys -- they're not tactile, but the slide mechanism's loose enough to make you wonder about the build quality every time your fingertip touches the icon. Pre-production jitters, perhaps?