Amico's Android handset is decent, misbranded

Don't know who Amico is? That makes two of us -- but the beauty of Android is that it's free and open for anyone who wants to have a crack at wrapping the platform with custom hardware. The Taiwanese firm was showing off a reasonably nice-looking full touch set at CTIA this week running some post-Cupcake build, but there was one little issue: they'd decided to slap a fake Sony BRAVIA logo (with the "I" conveniently removed, naturally) along the left side of the face. We understand the desire to ride the coattails of a well-recognized brand, we totally do -- but we would've liked to see Amico have the self-confidence to say, "You know what? We made a pretty decent phone here, so let's let it stand on its own two feet." Just saying. Anyhow, we're told that the phone's gone back to the labs to be retooled with 3G (it's only doing triband EDGE right now), but the rest of the specs are pretty solid: 3 megapixel autofocus cam, 624MHz Marvell core, microSD expansion, and a 3-inch resistive WQVGA display. If Amico's got a level head on its shoulders, it'll kill the BRAVA noise and switch to capacitive while it's upgrading the radio. Follow the break for video.