Archos 2 and Archos 4 flash players leak out

We haven't heard anything official, but images of an Archos 2 flash player have turned up in a few places on the web today, along with word of an Archos 4. The 2's already listed on Amazon -- it's not going to rock worlds, but it's not bad for $60, with 8GB of storage and microSD expansion, a 1.8-inch 128 x 160 display and a voice recorder all in a .35-inch thick package. There's also a 16GB version on for €68 ($92), but that hasn't yet made it to the US Amazon site. The Archos 4 is a little more mysterious -- all we really know about it is that it'll have a four-inch screen and 16 to 32GB of flash. We're guessing these'll pop soon, we'll let you know.

[Thanks, Bill]

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