Flickr fun with Flickery

A while back I discovered Flickery, a new desktop client for Flickr. We've covered a few different clients in the past, including FlickrFinder and Photonic, as well as Flickr's own Flickr Uploadr. Aside from Uploadr, we haven't seen many updates lately, which is why Flickery is a breath of fresh air.

Flickery provides a good-looking interface for navigating your photos, photosets, contact's photos and photos from your groups, as well as an easy-to-use uploader. I love the saved search folders it can create, and the Download button at the top is a feature I've missed in some of the other clients I've looked at. Being able to quickly grab the highest-res version of a photo is a real boon in many cases.

There are a couple of tweaks I'd like to see in future versions. Author Matthias Gansrigler at Eternal Storms is very responsive, so I anticipate that user feedback will heavily shape future releases.

One thing that gets me is that the only way to view the full-size version of a photo is to open it in full-screen mode. I'd rather have the full size image downloaded when I double click a thumbnail, and then be able to resize and zoom as desired. I know it's a longer wait time for the download, but I don't have a lot of use for the medium size image and end up waiting twice, so it evens out. I'd also like to see the pagination of the photosets evolve to be more easily navigable, allowing me to skip to page 120 without hitting next 120 times.

The search and filter functions are excellent, and the additional features such as emailing, posting to groups, adding to iPhoto and organizing sets and favorites make Flickery one of the best desktop Flickr experiences I've found. Flickery is currently available for $12.70US and is available for a free, 15-day test drive. The price is an introductory special; it will eventually go up to $19.20US. If you're using Flickr regularly, it's definitely worth a look.