Microsoft's Vexcel Imaging announces 92-megapixel UltraCamLp

Microsoft's Vexcel Imaging division hasn't exactly caused a whole lot of fanfare during its short time in existence, but it has managed to carved out a nice little niche for itself in the field of aerial cameras, and it's just kicked out its latest model in the form of the 92-megapixel UltraCamLp. Apart from that boost in megapixels, this one looks to be mostly identical to the medium-format UltraCamL that it's based on (pictured above), although it does make use of a smaller 6 μm CCD array that makes that increase in image format possible. Otherwise, you can expect a 1:2.2 pan sharpen ratio, and the ability to collect RGB and NIR in parallel with forward motion compensation by TDI, which will let you use the camera in a whole host of applications ranging from orthophoto production to corridor mapping to lidar integration. No word on price just yet, but it looks like existing UltraCamL users will be eligible for a free upgrade when the UltraCamLp rolls out in November.

[Via GIM International, thanks Thijs]