Fusion-io nabs more funding, teases new PCIe-based ioSAN

Given Fusion-io's dominance in the SSD-on-a-PCIe-card arena, we aren't at all shocked to hear that it just landed a nice fat check in its Series B funding efforts. $47.5 million, to be precise. According to the firm, it'll use the dough to buy bottled unicorns, a kilo of fairy dust and "increase production capabilities" in order to pump out more wares (and hopefully at lower prices). One of those products, we're told, will be the summer-bound ioSAN, which is explained as a "PCI Express-based product that extends the raw power of Fusion-io's solid-state technology across the network." In related news, the company also selected David Bradford to be its CEO, instantly making him one of the most fortunate bigwigs in the world right now.

[Via HotHardware]