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Dai Nippon Printing's Joe Walsh approved OLED poster

We have to admit that we got excited when we saw this poster, but that's only 'cos we thought it was for the dinosaur rock band from the 1970s -- an appropriate object of some good-natured ribbing, if ever there was one -- instead of some baseball team from Sendai City, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan. Manufactured by the Dai Nippon Printing Co., this "light emitting poster" is currently on display at the exhibition space of the aforementioned sluggers. Combining an LED backlight for graphics and OLED panels for scrolling text, energy use is sixty percent that of fluorescent light, and the OLEDs have lifetime of 20,000 hours. Expect commercial availability sometime in April 2010, by which time the Eagles should be ready for their next "farewell" tour.

[Via OLED Info]