Samsung's new SPF-87H and SPF-107H photo frames pull double duty as secondary displays

While second monitor status isn't a first for Samsung's picture frames, it's nice to see the functionality be extended to this latest lineup, the "Touch of Color" SPF-87H and SPF-107H. Otherwise the 8-inch and 10-inch frames are pretty basic on features for the most part, including 1GB of internal storage, an internal rechargeable battery and a multicard reader in a 0.9-inch thick form factor. The folks at Digital PictureFrame Review had no luck getting the SPF-85V to work as an external USB display last time around, so hopefully Samsung has tightened up its software in that regard -- though we're not expecting Mac support of such functionality in this century. At least the price is right: in Taiwan the 8-inch frame, which is available globally this month, will go for NT$3490 (about $103 US), while the 10-inch version goes for NT$5290 (about $157 US) and will hit stores in May.

[Via Digital PictureFrame Review]