3K's Windows CE-powered RazorBook 400 netbook goes half price, still won't sell

Man, remember just how great of a deal this looked like when it launched at $299 in May of last year? Funny how things change so rapidly, huh? Well, it's pretty comical unless you're 3K Computers, who now has a pathetic excuse of a netbook that it can only sell by slashing the asking price from $299 to under $150. Nearly web-wide, legitimate e-tailers are selling the RazorBook 400 CE for less than half of its original MSRP, and we're not even a full year into its life cycle. But really, who's jonesing for a CE-powered netbook (we could just stop there, truthfully) with a diminutive 7-inch display, 128MB of RAM and a processor that's slower (in clock speed, anyway) than that found in HTC's Touch Diamond? If you're sheepishly raising your hand, the read link's got sucker your name written all over it.

[Via Laptoping]