Panasonic's TC-P50G10 plasma nets a rave review from the HD Guru

Fans of the Pioneer Kuro plasma TVs that are riding into the sunset needn't worry -- based on the review from none other than the HD Guru, the THX-approved Panasonic TC-P50G10 is a more than worthy successor. Whatever tests the set had to pass to earn that THX badge, it was well deserved, too, with color that was spot-on and performance that ousted even the Pioneer Pro 141FD in brightness uniformity, ultimate brightness and motion resolution. Even fans of apline skiing should find the maximum brightness of 92 ft-lamberts more than adequate to make reaching for the ski goggles worthwhile. While there isn't a 72Hz mode, Panasonic seems to have addressed that deficiency with a solid performance of the new 3:2 pulldown mode. We recommend checking your credit card to see if it can survive a $1,800 bump before hitting the link for the glowing review.