Always Innovating's half-finished online store lists Touch Book tablet in stock, $99 keyboard sold separately

Remember Always Innovative's Touch Book? Looks like the company's gearing up to start selling the rather unique netbook / removable tablet hybrid, as noted by its under construction X-Cart powered online store. Four entries are currently listed -- two for the Touch Book tablet and two for the keyboard, both available in grey and red and with 100 units in stock for each. Prices were $299 for the tablet and $99 for keyboard and, yeah, we get the feeling you'll want to buy both for the full experience. No indication of an actual ship date. Try as we might, we couldn't manage to check out with our order, but perhaps we'll get some news shortly.

Update: We've been contacted by Always Innovating, who confirmed that the store was viewable by way of an error, and that the Touch Book can still be pre-ordered for summer shipping. The company also confirmed that the keyboard will be available separately for $99, the tablet for $299, with the whole deal going for $399.

[Thanks, Jeff]