Another Zune HD render surfaces, fanboy specs too?

While we broke the news of the ZuneHD to the world as we did the original, we have no way to verify the authenticity of this new image originating at Windows Mobile Power User and now trotting itself around the Intersphere fueled by the adrenaline of fanboy fantasies. We've been skeptically going over it pixel-by-pixel (what is that on the back? A camera, a screw-hole?) as this is the notorious period that always follows a product leak when dubious PhotoShops and fanart begins flooding our tips box. Fortunately, Zunited's sources have stepped up with an assertion that the pic is in fact an authentic ZuneHD. So let's turn an eye to the specs, the glorious, almost absurdly high-end specs that accompany the picture. Zunited's sources won't touch these and we're keeping them at arm's length for now under the it's too-good-to-be-true heading. Click through to see what we mean.

[Via Zunited]

So, if we're to believe the ZuneHD specs that "trickled into" the inbox of Windows Mobile Power User then this is what's coming from Microsoft:

  • multi-touch capacitive OLED screen in a 16:9 aspect ratio

  • 3D Xbox game support (whatever that is)

  • playback of "HD media" available from Zune Marketplace

  • TV-out from what looks like a mini-HDMI port on the left-side

  • HD Radio

  • choice of 16GB or 32GB of storage (not a lot for HD content)

  • wireless sync

  • multi-touch "browser" of the Internet-type, presumably (so why nothing shown on the main menu in the image above?)

  • launches this Fall, "around September" in the US, Canada, UK, France and possibly other European countries.

  • likely to be a "showcase" for Windows Mobile 7 when released (Huh? WinMo7 won't be out until 2010. Perhaps they mean early WinMo7 betas expected in November?)

While the rumored specs are impressive they aren't completely unprecedented. Already, we've seen Samsung's massive OmniaHD sporting an HDMI jack and biggie 3.7-inch capacitive AMOLED display stretched into a 16:9 aspect ratio. Thing is, the OmniaHD's display has a less than HD 360 x 640 pixel resolution -- HD in this case means 720p video capture and HD video out. Definitely haven't seen hand-held sized (less than 4-inches) capacitive OLEDs sporting a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels yet.

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