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HP Pavilion dv3 taken for a spin, comes back unfit but well-performing

Now that HP's Pavilion dv2 has had time to shine, it's dv3's turn to take the spotlight. The gang at NotebookReview have put their hands all over the 13.3-inch, Intel Core 2 Duo-equipped laptop, and despite good performance, negative points go to the build quality, which was said to be worse than other Pavilion models. Specifically, it suffered from a weak / squeaky chassis, a bowed keyboard, and a narrow window of clarity for the display -- not gripes you want to have if you're looking to pay a cool grand for machine this size. While not recommending you avoid the computer, they suggest looking into the dv2 and dv4 to fill your HP-owning needs. Hit up the read link for the full review.