LG's HB354BS Blu-ray HTIB gets a thumbs-up review

Although pricing info for LG's HB354BS Blu-ray HTIB wasn't available by the time it hit the internet, TrustedReview's impressions of the all-in-one sound pretty favorable. Whether it's because LG chose to focus on quality over quantity by delivering "only" a 2.1-channel system or Mark Levinson sprinkled some audiophile-approved fairy dust over the pieces, it all came together pretty nicely. Once things were set up, the slick UI and retractable iPod dock went a long way towards minimizing the light and hollow feel of the individual parts, and sound quality that didn't immediately fall apart with increasing volume didn't hurt either. As expected, the Blu-ray visuals -- rivaling LG's standalone BD370 -- didn't disappoint, which sealed the deal for this system. Even for surround sound, we'd take a solid 2.1-channel system over a lackluster 7.1-channel one, and TrustedReviews did too, giving it the HB354BS a recommendation -- assuming it hits the streets at a reasonable price.