Acer's AT&T 3G-infused Aspire One now at $79 -- price war imminent?

Yeah, we definitely dig where this is headed. With Verizon's subsidized HP Mini 1000 about to hit store shelves at any moment, the AT&T 3G-equipped Aspire One has taken a tumble from $99.99 to $79.99. Just so we're clear: you can actually buy a name brand netbook now for under 80 bones. 'Course, you'll be stuck in a two year data contract with AT&T, and you'll actually have to insert yourself into a pair of pants in order to get the machine from a Radio Shack store, but surely that's a compromise you're willing to make. Here's hoping this leads to free-on-contract netbooks (or close to it) in the very near future. Right, American carriers?

[Thanks, Sharukh]