Enicycle, the electric unicycle, gets ridden on video

While the Enicycle may look eerily similar to Focus Design's SBU unicycle, it's decidedly different when looking at the nuts and bolts of things. As of now, just two of these devices exist in the entire world, and one Ortis Deley was able to scoot over to Italy in order to give one of them a ride. Thanks to what is described as "a clever system of gyroscopes, embedded processors and a 1,000W hub motor," the bike was said to be exceptionally easy to control, and the foot-steering apparatus seemed to also work quite well. We'd say that this doesn't really have a chance in hades to make it in the commercial market, but if the P.U.M.A. can find buyers, absolutely anything is possible. Check the exhilarating vid in the read link.

[Thanks, Steve]