US Dept. of Defense splashing out on anti-smoking game for soldiers

We can think of a ton of better ways the US Department of Defense could spend the nearly $4 million it's investing in an anti-smoking game for soldiers. For instance: a bonfire; a rocket ship to the sun; or even a ton of Nintendo DS systems and the already-in-existence Easyway to Stop Smoking game. Instead, Alexander Prokhorov of M. D. Anderson Cancer Center will be taking the reins on the project, in tandem with Radiant Creative, and creating something akin to his past work with the company, Escape With Your Life (an anti-smoking game targeted towards "at-risk youth").

Meant to teach players the dangers of cigarette smoking, the game will share many similarities with the developers' previous work, including a "standard-looking video game kiosk" presentation and a "depth of knowledge" education program meant to encourage soldiers to quit tobacco for good. Apparently, the game will also take around the same development time as most modern, AAA, console games, as Prokhorov's positing playtests for 2011 and a full release by 2013.

[Via GameBizBlog]