Caption contest: it's deadbeat-tastic!

Karma's a bitch on the streets of Chicago.

Chris: "Oh, the boot is attached to a third-party wheel? We don't support that configuration, sir."
Paul: "Did you try restarting it?"
Don: "Ok, sir, we can remove the boot between the hours of 8AM and 8PM. Will you be at the vehicle?"
Darren: "Fired."
Nilay: "CableCARD installations have become increasingly hostile."
Joe: "I bet the DirecTV guys never have this problem."
Richard: "You have exceeded your monthly mileage quota. Additional travel can be purchased for $20/mile."
Josh: "Let's see you dream your way out of this one."
Ryan: "Oh, so you can't take off the boot until we pay the fines. But can I interest you in our all-in-one triple-play package?"
Thomas: "So this is what throttling feels like."

[Photo courtesy of Patrick Brendan O'Dea; thanks Chicago Scooter Club]