Ugobe expects Pleo IP to fetch a pretty penny

Scientists may never fully understand why Pleo went extinct, but we've got a big hint for future generations -- it's probably because Ugobe was shipping products to customers who couldn't pay for them. That's at least the story according to Ugobe CEO Caleb Chung, who says that his robosaur was selling well to customers in Europe and Asia, but that the worldwide credit crunch meant that Pleos were just sitting in crates waiting for payment to arrive. It's unfortunate, but there's a silver lining -- the Pleo IP is expected to be a hot commodity during the bankruptcy liquidation, and not just with toymakers. Chung says he sees potential interest from lots of unexpected bidders "because robotics are the next PCs." We'll see about that -- hopefully Pleo is about to evolve.

[Via SlashGear]