Pentax teases a new K-series cam for May 21

Looks like those ultra-blurry photos of a new Pentax cam weren't just a Sunday morning fever dream -- the company's now teasing the release of a new K-series DSLR on May 21. Obviously official details on what's alleged to be the K7D are incredibly light, but there are already some rumored specs floating around -- a square sensor with a 1.3 crop factor that may or may not be related to the one in the K20D, 1.0x viewfinder, new AF system, 3-inch screen, and 720p video are the highlights, but honestly, it's all conjecture at this point. We'll keep our ears to the ground -- and our fingers crossed that this thing comes in white. Check a non-blurry pic of... something we were sent on Sunday after the break.

[Via Electronista]