Etymotic hf2 Custom Fit buds bundle ACS' customized ear-mould service

Eytmotic's $180 hf2 earbuds with in-line controller for iPods and iPhones have been around for awhile. In that time, they've racked up plenty of gold statues and plaques to backup their claim of delivering "the most accurate, unaltered sound of any earphone or headset today." Now Etymotic has teamed up with ACS (Advanced Communication Solutions) to deliver silicon sleeves custom-moulded for your inner-ear to ensure a perfect, comfy fit while further isolating you from the ambient noise around you; a trick that allows you to pickup audio detail at lower volumes and thus spare your hearing. Of course, ACS' 15 minute customization service is available for other buds as well, but offering it within the hf2 Custom Fit bundle as a £90 (about $130) voucher redeemable at any of 300 approved ear impression outlets in the UK is a pretty shrewd move.

[Via Tech Digest]

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