Modder brings Virtual On's dual sticks to the Xbox 360 on the cheap

Most fighting games are pretty badass, but fighting games that feature giant robots? Overwhelmingly badass. Such was Virtual On, one of Sega's most beloved (and seemingly most quickly forgotten) franchises, where two anime-themed (and frequently Saturn-wearing) virtualroids duked it out in full 3-D and blew our minds with great graphics and a humbling dual-stick control scheme (push both forward to run ahead, apart to jump, together to crouch, etc.). With the game making its triumphant return to action on the Xbox 360, a Japanese gamer has created the above monstrosity by wedging a couple of candy packages onto the controller's analog sticks, then wiring up weapons buttons. With a little paint they'd almost pass for the arcade's controller, but we're not entirely sure that thin plastic would hold up to repeated deploys of Grys-vok's ICBM attack.

[Via Joystiq]