Nintendo / C64 purse is runway-caliber fashion accessory

Look: there are purses, and then there are purses. Well, this one is none of those things. It's a decent looking bag to begin with, but then... well, things get really fantastic. Jeri Ellsworth took it upon herself to cram a Nintendo-on-a-chip and a Commodore 64-on-a-chip (her own creation) into the bag, along with an LCD. Then she connected up some NES controllers, which are velcroed onto the outside of the bag. The result looks awesome, and is also actually useable. We haven't heard anything about these guys being offered for sale, but we're fairly certain that the august House of Dior will probably be ringing her up any day now. Seriously: this thing is a work of art. There's a video of Jeri talking about her creation after the break.

[Via Make]