Video: surviving Pleo loses remaining autonomy, gets controlled by Wii Nunchuk

Aw, how timely. Shortly after the Pleo lineage fell victim to economic pressures, an all-too-cute video has surfaced showing a remaining creature being controlled by a Wii Nunchuk. In reality, the underlying abuse here is quite sad -- for those unaware, Pleo was designed to be entirely autonomous, and the first step to regaining control over it is to implement a "Pleo Stunner" in order to shock him into silence. From there, an XBee-based solution is used to tap into his control system and override every single instinct the poor sap ever had. If you're into this type of sadistic torture (or you're just an aspiring dictator), check the read link for all the instructions you need to fulfill your own evil desires. For those just interested in a good chuckle, the vid's after the break.

[Thanks to everyone who sent this in]