EVE Online player circumnavigates the game's world

The game world of EVE Online is vast, a galaxy of over 5000 charted solar systems called New Eden. EVE's explorer-types, like Jeran Tek, have successfully visited every solar system in New Eden. Jeran Tek isn't alone in such pursuits, however. This past week saw another player establish a new exploration milestone; DevilDogUSMC of The Helicon Alliance circumnavigated EVE's galaxy. It took him four days, on a journey with 118 waypoints and 502 jumps in a covert ops frigate (capable of warping while cloaked).

DevilDogUSMC spoke with EVE's volunteer in-game reporters (Interstellar Correspondents), stating why he even attempted this. He said, "Since I became a pod pilot five and a half years ago I wanted to explore this universe, but I was put into action with fleet after fleet not ever having the chance. So I decided to take a break from... politics and working with our alliance fleet and went for it. This was a chance for me to show the rest of New Eden that anything can be done as long as you commit to it and work for it."

The full story on DevilDogUSMC's journey was reported by ISD Aeterna Vitae on the EVE Online site.