mypressi TWIST gives espresso addicts an easier way to indulge

You know the story -- your daily craving for a shot of espresso hits right around 7:30AM local time, and if you don't have it in your grasp by 0800 hours, you're likely visiting the slammer for at least a day or two for barista battery. In a beautiful effort to keep addicts far away from prisons and ever closer to their productivity machines, Espressi has unveiled the mypressi TWIST, which is described as a truly portable espresso maker that delivers top-notch goods without the wait. The secret to the one-pound device is the pneumatic engine that provides constant pressure throughout the extraction cycle, and we're told that a single CO2 cartridge can provide around eight shots. It'll hit American shores this fall for $129 -- 'til then, it's on you to keep a local shop on retainer.

[Via Single Serve Expresso]