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ATI Radeon HD 4770 GPU review roundup

We like how you're thinking, AMD, and we don't say that everyday -- or ever, really. During a time when even hardcore gamers are having to rethink whether or not that next-gen GPU is a necessity, AMD has pushed out a remarkably potent new graphics card for under a Benjamin, and the whole world has joined in to review it. The ATI Radeon HD 4770, which was outed just over a week ago, has been officially introduced for the low, low price of just $99 (including rebates, which should surface soon). Aside from being the company's first mainstream desktop GPU manufactured using a 40nm process, this little gem was a real powerhouse when put to the test. In fact, critics at HotHardware exclaimed that this card "offers performance in the same range as cards that were launched at the $299 to $349 price point only a year ago." The bottom line? It's "one of the best buys" out in its price range, and even with all that belt tightening you've been doing, surely you can spare a C-note, yeah?

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