Microsoft's "Pink" smartphone could rival iPhone on Verizon

Darren Murph
D. Murph|04.28.09

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Microsoft's "Pink" smartphone could rival iPhone on Verizon
It's crazy, we know. Just hours after hearing shockingly believable whispers that Apple's white-hot iPhone 3G could be sashaying over to Verizon Wireless, in flies a Wall Street Journal report asserting that the suits in Redmond are (also?) in talks with America's largest carrier. 'Course, we've heard rumors that Microsoft was banging out a smartphone behind closed doors for centuries now, but much to our chagrin, there's no mention of "Zune" in "Project Pink." Instead, we're told that said handset is a touchscreen-based multimedia phone that will aim to extend the Windows Mobile OS while "adding new software capabilities." Not surprisingly, the article also mentions that Windows Marketplace would be front and center on the phone, and potentially most interesting is this tidbit: "a third-party is expected to make the device." Hey HTC -- seen any strange calls originating from the 425?

[Via Boy Genius Report]
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