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Acer already working on "several Android devices," smartphone included

Okay, now we get it -- the flood of Android phones we were expecting at MWC and CTIA this year are actually arriving a month or two late. Nice. Anywho, with Samsung just recently dishing out official dirt on its Google-fied I7500 and HTC pushing out its Magic overseas, Acer is making darn sure it's not left out as the bandwagon cruises by. During the firm's Q1 investor's conference today, Gianfranco Lanci (President and CEO) noted that "the entire industry is looking at Android," and that his company "is testing Android on a lot of different solutions." Specifically, he stated that it was "working on an Android solution for the smartphone, but it's too early to say if [Acer] is going to [put the OS] on a netbook in the near future." 'Course, he could be spitting out positive vibes to just make sure we don't forget about 'em, but here's hoping Mr. Lanci takes him own quotes seriously. We'll be watching -- like Rockwell, minus the catchy chorus.