Motorola's first Android phone(s) to have sliding QWERTY?

Motorola needed to release an Android set about six months ago, but we know these things take time -- and if it's any consolation, it sounds like the first fruits of the labor could be pretty awesome. Boy Genius Report now claims that the rumored landscape QWERTY slider Calgary will be the first Android-powered Moto device to go commercial, though it's not clear when (or where) it'll hit shelves; given the device's seemingly unusual appearance and the possibility (foolish hope?) that they'll be infusing some customizations into the UI, they might just have an angle to attack offerings from HTC and others. That's not all for the Android department, though -- it looks like there might also be a portrait QWERTY slider in the works for the third quarter codenamed "Ironman," pictured, which will pack 3G, WiFi, and some sort of high-res camera. In other words, a solidly high-end device. Bring it on, guys.

Moving on, it seems the lovely full touchscreen Flash has been canned, along with the Krave's successor, the Inferno -- possibly further confirmation that Moto's throwing virtually all its weight into the Android camp at this point. Finally, rumor has it that a device codenamed "Rolex" is in the labs -- and as you might've guessed, it uses the Aura's astonishingly awesome ultra-high-res circular display. Odds are this is another luxury phone given its aspirational name and the screen being used, but a poor guy can dream.

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