OWC rolls out USB 2.0 display adapter for Macs and PCs

It's hardly the first product of its kind, but we're guessing there's still plenty of folks out there ready to jump on OWC's new USB 2.0 display adapter, which will let you add up to six monitors to your Mac or PC. As with similar products, however, you will be slightly limited in terms of resolution, with the adapter topping out at 1600x1200 for standard monitors and 1680x1050 for widescreen displays, although you will get full 32-bit color and, of course, your choice of mirrored or extended display settings. What's more, in addition to the main USB to DVI adapter, you'll also get a DVI to VGA and a DVI to HDMI swivel adapter right in the package, plus a regular USB cable -- all for $99.