PXP-900 handheld ditches the UMD drive, and the PSP

A new PSP may well be on the horizon, but it looks like the knock-off business is still going strong with the classic model, and it's kicked out one of its most faithful / blatant homages to date with this new so-called PXP-900. While it doesn't do anything crazy like actually play PSP games, you can apparently make use of the included emulator to play NES, GameBoy, SNES, and Genesis games -- even including those rare few 32X games, from the sound of it. Otherwise, you can expect the usual basic PMP functionality, along with a 2GB of internal memory, an SD card slot for expansion, a TV out port, an FM tuner, and your choice of four different colors -- all for the low, low price of $89.99.

[Via SlashGear]