Rovio finds new purpose in life with fire extinguisher mod

The Rovio may not have inspired quite the same level of modding as something like the Robosapien, but it's far from completely lacking in the department, and RoboCommunity member Colt45 looks to have delivered one of the more impressive hacks to date with this new and improved fire extinguisher bot. As impressive as that top-mounted CF2ClBr fire extinguisher and remote-controlled nozzle is, however, the real standout piece may actually be the software, which apparently uses a machine vision app that can recognize fire and automatically extinguish it when necessary (assuming it remains around candle size). Unfortunately, there's no how-to for building your own just yet, nor is there any word of a planned face off with a Flame-o-Sapien, though you can be sure we'll let you know as soon as that happens.

[Via SlashGear]