Two guys want to make a Gizmondo movie

Remember Bo Stefan Eriksson, the Gizmondo bigshot that wrecked that sweet Ferrari Enzo and then went to jail? His life hasn't been too great lately, but apparently his trials and tribulations are interesting enough for a Hollywood movie. We guess driving drunk and running a company into the ground makes for entertaining cinema ...

But, we digress. The men who want to turn this sad tale into a sad tale starring more beautiful people for the silver screen are writer-director Craig Zobel and producer Beau Flynn. These two have optioned Wired's "Gizmondo's Spectacular Crack-up," which was written by Randall Sullivan and chronicles the events that led up to that infamous crash. Flynn's production company Contrafilm will handle most of the heavy lifting.

When you think about it, though, is this really movie theater entertainment? Wouldn't this be a good cautionary tale for an after school special or that Intervention show?

[Via Engadget]

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