Tonium's 60GB Pacemaker pocket DJ now on sale in US

After an unbearably long wait, Tonium's 60GB Pacemaker is finally on sale here in the US of A. Hailed as the planet's first "pocket-sized DJ system," this 60GB portable media player boasts two "turntables" and a "mixer" -- all within a unit that easily fits within most medium- to large-sized palms. As expected, users have access to two independent audio channels and can beatmatch with the press of a button. If you're interested in living out your dreams of being a mix master in the late 80s, you can have one shipped out right away from Amazon in exchange for $499.99. And no, we won't tell your kids. The full release is just past the break.

Tonium Now Shipping First Pocket-Sized DJ System in U.S. Exclusively in's Electronics Store

Award-Winning Pacemaker Currently Available for $499.99 to Customers
Stockholm, Sweden – Tonium today announced that the highly anticipated Pacemaker, the world's first pocket-sized DJ system, is now available in the U.S. Designed to enable consumers to deejay anywhere, anytime with all the functionality of a professional DJ set up, Pacemaker is available for purchase immediately in Amazon.con's Electronics store at

The Pacemaker is a 60GB portable media player that features full professional DJ capabilities. Imagine two turntables, a mixer and an entire record collection contained in a device that fits into your pocket. Pacemaker's two independent audio channels let you play two tracks side by side. Beatmatching is easily done by the click of a button, with a full set of professional audio effects and a crossfader consumers now have unlimited creative influence over their music. Instead of simply listening to music and playlists, consumers can now completely interact with their music and share the spotlight of any social gathering where music is played or performed.

The Pacemaker itself is part of the larger Pacemaker platform that encompasses the Pacemaker Editor and the Pacemaker Community. Pacemaker Editor is a free, downloadable PC and Mac compatible computer application that allows you to play music and edit and create mixes. The Pacemaker Community is an online music community that allows members to upload and legally share the mixes of their music, created by the Pacemaker or the Pacemaker Editor software.
Keith Geck, Head of Tonium's U.S. Operations commented, "Amazon has proven to be one of the most influential retailers in the world and the ideal partner for us to work with during the U.S. Pacemaker launch. With detailed product information, videos and customer reviews, gives buyers all of the information they need to make an informed purchasing decision."

Pricing and availability
Pacemaker is available at for $499.99 and qualifies for FREE Super Saver Shipping or free two-day shipping with Amazon Prime.**
More information about Pacemaker and Tonium is available at
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About Tonium
Tonium ( is a Swedish company, established by a tightly knit group of passionate people with a background in music, design and engineering. With a flair for innovation, Tonium exists as a company dedicated to promoting the sharing of musical tastes in a socially engaging context. For Pacemaker info, go to