Amazon Kindle DX to feature 9.7-inch display? Update: Pictures!

It's still an elusive target for our old friend Mr. Blurrycam, but We just got some basic specs on the new, decidedly more newspaper- and college textbook-friendly Amazon Kindle DX. Here's what we know: it's got a 9.7-inch display (as opposed to the current six-inch unit), a long-requested built-in PDF reader, and the ability to add annotations in addition to notes and highlights -- whatever that means. We're also hearing that New York Times will be offering a $9.95 / month subscription, a little lower than the current $13.99. Honestly, that all sounds to us like this really is just a Kindle with a larger screen, not the newspaper savior it's being hyped as, but ol' Jeffy B. might still have surprises in store, so we'll see. Seriously, can't Wednesday just hurry up and get here already?

Update: Looks like Mssr. BC decided to throw down -- check out some pics in the gallery!

Update 2: Some more details care of the Wall Street Journal. Chief information officer for Cleveland-based Case Western Reserve University -- the college whose president will be taking the stage with Jeff Bezos -- Lev Gonick said select students are being issued the new, larger screen Kindles (doesn't specify DX) in the fall semester with pre-installed textbooks for chemistry, computer science and a freshman seminar. Five other universities including Pace, Princeton, Reed, Arizona State, and Darden School at the University of Virginia are also said to be signed up for the trial. As for the new details on the device itself, the report states it's got a more functional web browser, with no word on how that'll jibe with Whispernet.