Lenovo reveals updated, 3G-equipped S10-2 netbook in user manual

We already caught sight of a slightly mysterious, 3G-equipped Lenovo netbook last month courtesy of the FCC, and it looks like Lenovo itself is now adding to the speculation, with a recently revealed user manual all but confirming an updated S10-2 netbook. While there's still no word on complete specs, it does appear that this is more than just a minor update, with the netbook apparently sporting a different hinge and some rounded edges, along with an extra USB port (bring the total up to three), a larger trackpad, a slightly revised keyboard and button layout, and some new access bays that'll let you get at the RAM, hard drive, and wireless card. Unfortunately, it seems that Lenovo has also seen fit to remove one of the big selling points of the original S10, the ExpressCard slot, although the built-in 3G does at least makes that trade-off a bit more manageable. No word on pricing or availability just yet, but it seems like Lenovo could be getting official with this one any day now.

[Via Eee PC - Blog]