Sketchy roadmap has T-Mobile G2 for summer, G1 v2 and Samsung Houdini for fall?

Mysterious roadmaps chock-full of pretty pictures of fanciful handsets from the future have a tendency to appear every once in a while; on the surface, we have no particular reason to believe this one over any other, but we'd like to. According to TmoToday's supposed leak, the HTC-sourced G2 / Magic is expected this summer -- which seems like an incongruous statement considering that we're now expecting it to launch as the myTouch 3G. That would have us believing that the doc is either fake or out of date, and if it's the latter, that makes the other two scoops here still relevant and interesting: first up, a second version of the G1 is said to be launching in the fall (looking a heck of a lot like an Ocean 2, if you ask us). Next, we're seeing a Samsung "Houdini" in the same time frame that could definitely represent the US launch of the AWS-enabled i7500 -- especially since we've been expecting a Sammy Android set on T-Mobile anyhow. Whether this is all real or dead fake, it's definitely plausible, and we're figuring it probably comes pretty close to representing the carrier's Android plans for '09. Bring it on, guys.