Video: Sony OLED Walkman (NWZ-X1050) hands-on

We got a chance to peek Sony's succulent OLED Walkman way back at CES, but we've waited for what seems like forever to hold one in our supple paws without a booth attendant breathing down our neck. The model that arrived today on our doorstep is the 16GB NW-X1050 (or NWZ-X1050), which just launched in Japan last week. There's still no telling when this beauty will hit the US, but we can already guess that it'll cause some serious buzz when it does. We'll just come right out and say it: this is the best looking display on any PMP that we've ever seen. If you'll recall, Cowon's S9 also shipped with an OLED panel, but we've got to give the edge to Sony here. Also of note, we were never fans of the dark granite border in the press shots, but it's downright stunning in person. We're going to be hosting up a video walkthrough of the menus and such just as soon as it uploads (sigh) as well as some more thorough impressions in the coming days. For now, however, feel free to peruse the gallery below.

Update: Video's live! Check it after the break.