HTC Hero caught flashing some Android in the wild?

Remember that shockingly pink (false color, we presume) Hero that was allegedly part of HTC's planned Android lineup for 2009? CodeAndroid appears to have nabbed the first in-the-wild shots of the very phone, and it's got every bit as much "chin" in real life as it did in those fuchsia renders. That could be good or bad news depending on just how strongly you feel about the G1's unforgettable cosmetics, but also notable here is that we appear to have an honest-to-goodness 3.5mm headphone jack up top -- a first for an HTC Android device -- and an utter lack of any d-pad. The trackball is certainly gone, so unless there's some wild touch-sensitive area below the screen, it seems like the touchscreen might be the only way to navigate. How this phone ultimately stacks up against its stablemates when it hits the market later this year remains to be seen, but at a quick glance, we'd say the Magic's looking more like a beauty queen than ever.